Building the Future Award

Green Building

Knott Realty Group is committed to designing and constructing environmentally-friendly projects. Our buildings represent innovative design conventions that help mitigate climate change, conserve water and reduce pollution, while creating better-functioning interior and exterior work spaces that nurture the health of its occupants. We are active USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) members and are well-educated in LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles. We are also able to take advantage of LEED® tax credits that benefits the tenant.

Examples of our sustainable buildings include seven buildings at Emerson Corporate Commons located in Laurel, MD, which total more than 900,000 SF of LEED® Silver or better.

Emerson Development I & II

Product Type: Two (2) Two-Story Class A Office Buildings
Location: 8935 and 8955 Stephens Road, Laurel, MD
Size: 120,000 square feet
LEED Certification: LEED Gold Certified for Commercial Interiors
Project Description: LEED® for Commercial Interiors™ is the green benchmark for the tenant improvement market. It is the recognized system for certifying high-performance green interiors that offer healthy, productive places to work, are less costly to operate and maintain, and have a reduced environmental footprint.
Awards: US Army Corps of Engineers Sustainability Award- Building the Future Award LEED Gold Certification for Commercial Interiors, plus community education for this leased facility. Features include diversion of 84% of waste from landfills, 33% reduction in water usage, 90% recycled furniture and 100% advanced lighting controls.

Emerson Development III

Product Type: Five-Story Class A Office Building
Location: 9161 Sterling Drive, Laurel, MD
Size:     150,000 square feet
LEED Certification: LEED Gold Certified for Core and Shell
Project Description: LEED® for Core and Shell™ is a green building rating system for designers, builders, developers and new building owners who want to address sustainable design for new core and shell construction. "Core and shell" covers base building elements such as structure, envelope and HVAC systems.
Project Benefits: Due to LEED Gold Certification, this building will benefit from a 50% reduction in property taxes for five years.